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Brand Story Pollardi began in 2012. It was then in the Spanish town of La Bañeza there was a small company, making wedding dresses and evening dresses. His owners were a group of talented designers and tailors, who had just left the walls of the university. The original design of products that meet the fashion trends and impeccable execution provided to studio known in the narrow circle of the local elite. But for a long time the studio was unknown at the national level, and, primarily, due to lack of financial support. The key moment in the history of the studio Pollardi was unexpected acquaintance with young investors from Eastern Europe. They saw this as a Spanish studio wedding dresses great perspective. And proposed to start international expansion. Talent and creative thinking, multiplied by the financial support given unprecedented result: as soon as possible Pollardi brand became known in many countries, and especially he loved brides in Eastern Europe! In 2010 there was another important milestone in the history of Pollardifashiongroup: it was decided to move production to Eastern Europe. Today, more than 300 people who received preliminary training in Spain, work in teams Pollardifashiongroup. High quality of all manufactured goods wedding is guaranteed using the latest computer equipment, rolling secondment of staff from top-notch designers from around the world, all the rules of production according to European standards. For example, the technique of bark stones factory Pollardi designers borrowed from the Indian tailors. To learn to feel the fabric and stones, as the eastern masters, representatives Pollardi went on a long training in India. There they overtook the traditional technique of painting on batik fabric, becoming the first who began to apply it to the creation of wedding dresses. But the designers of Pollardifashiongroup not stop: in their plans to reach the top of world fame! 

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